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14 October 2013

Sign-Stealing Bandit Strikes in Candidate’s Own Front Yard

Brazen ‘drive-by’ sign grab confirms close race

After weeks of wondering what was behind disappearing campaign signs, a brazen sign-stealing attack witnessed by Nirman Hasanova, Public School Board Trustee Candidate Rick Lundy’s neighbour, has confirmed missing signs are more than a youthful prank. Mr Lundy knew it would be a tough fight to get his name out against an entrenched incumbent so has focused his efforts on door-knocking and has had great success in securing support through lawn signs. Recently, he has been wondering where some of those signs have been going, never suspecting there would be any malicious intent behind it.

Sadly, on October 13, Miss Hasanova, Mr. Lundy’s neighbour, witnessed a stunning event when four adults idled their car in front of Mr. Lundy’s house. Two adults jumped out of the vehicle and proceeded to grab as many Lundy signs as possible off his lawn and neighbouring lots.  When confronted they were spooked and sped away. Mr. Lundy’s lawn sign was stubborn and refused to leave its rightful home.

“I can only assume these people were unaware they were targeting my own lawn, but this has only strengthened my resolve to represent diverse voices on the Calgary Board of Education,” said Mr Lundy. “I’ve always believed that the best way to create a successful educational environment is through a collaborative dialogue about issues in education, so I am extremely disappointed that other candidates or their supporters are willing to engage in silencing their opponents through vandalism. I’m asking ward 3 and 4 constituents to allow me to bring their voices to back to education.”

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