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“The CBE has the opportunity to be a leader in educational innovation. We must put families first. Allow me to bring your voice back to education.”

- Rick Lundy

I believe it is time parents had a greater voice in how education is funded. With your voice, we can become a leader in educational innovation. By providing Calgary’s families with a worldclass, fiscally responsible education we can ensure we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

As a parent with children in the public system, and as a resident in Ward 3, I understand the distinct needs of the community. I truly care about fixing the system so that it works for students and their families.


Ensure Every Child’s Needs Are Met
Many students fall though the cracks due to limited resources for special needs and mental health issues. Early intervention means better education and reduced taxation in the short-term and long-term. I will pave the way to ensure parent-teacher needs are addressed and create a Mental Health Task Force to act as a resource for both teachers and families. It is my goal to use the Task Force to avert tragedies and help students realize their potential. Healthier, happier students lead to healthier, happier families and more vibrant communities.

Give Parents a Direct Voice in Their Children’s Education
The role of a Trustee is to engage parents and advocate for the needs of families. I believe in transparency at all levels of government. All CBE meetings must be open to the public so that decisions can be debated and made democratically. I will restore accountability to the CBE. Our Education Minister has called the CBE Trustees “stupid and irresponsible”. Trustees must cultivate the integrity of their inter-governmental communications at all levels. A stronger relationship will ensure the government’s understanding of Calgary’s diverse educational needs. Proving effective and responsible use of tax monies will demonstrate to the government that funding is properly spent to ensure optimal student outcomes. I will fight for the needs of CBE students and families.

Ensure Funding Reaches Classrooms Directly
How does this enhance student education? This is the question we must ask consistently in order to properly examine all spending and administrative measures. Spending must get back to the classrooms and right now, it just isn’t. Spending $270 Million plus $16,000 per month on lease payments on an administration building that the CBE does not even own is not responsible spending. I will ensure that funding is directed to the classroom so that students experience innovative opportunities to be prepared as our future leaders.


Offer Public Education That is Designed to Work for Families
Calgarians must be able to afford school fees. The CBE board has been increasing bus and lunchroom fees at an alarming rate. Families should not have to absorb the costs that they presently are. Eliminating family maximums means that larger families are penalized. I will return family caps for fees. Local schools are the cornerstone of every community. We need to quit closing local schools and start building community schools in new areas of the city. Bus rides in excess of 45 minutes are not in the best interest of students. I will advocate for local infrastructure.

I will work hard to earn your trust as an elected public servant. Allow me to advocate for the educational needs of your children in Wards 3 and 4. Choosing me as your candidate will give you a greater voice in how your children are educated.

Get Your Voice Back – Vote for Rick Lundy as your Calgary School Board Trustee in Ward 3 and Ward 4.

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